Where Has the Time Gone?

March 19, 2012 at 7:43 am Leave a comment

I seriously cannot believe how fast this year is going. It’s almost April?! WTF?! That shit cray! Nothing has been going on in my life for the most part, so that could be a part of why time seems to be moving at the speed of light. I’m trying to convince some of our friends to all pitch in and go to the beach for a mini-weekend vacation or something this summer, so at least I’d have something to look forward to, but I feel the chances of that actually happening are slim to none, unfortunately. Most of them say they’d be up for it, but I don’t think they think it would ever happen, either, so they’re just saying that. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say things and never follow through- for example, telling people you haven’t seen for a while, “Oh we need to get together to do this or that!” But do you ever see them? Nope. I know I’m guilty of it myself, but it’s just frustrating. Not only do I feel it’s going to be hard to get people to go, but our money situation still is less than desirable which makes it that much more difficult. I know planning a vacation is the last thing someone with a limited income should be thinking about, especially when they can barely pay their bills, but I need a vacation SO. DAMN. BAD. I haven’t been on a vacation since 2007, which I understand is still more than a lot of people, but after the stress I’ve had over the last few years I need a getaway. I was supposed to take a road trip down to Nashville with my cousin last summer to visit her friend (we even had the hotel booked and everything) but after a series of unfortunate events about 2 weeks before we were set to leave I had to back out, much to my dismay. Not only was I pissed that I wasn’t getting away, but I felt terrible that I had to cancel on her, especially on such short notice. Even if a vacation isn’t in the cards for me this year, I at least need SOMETHING exciting in the near future to look forward to. Madonna’s coming to town this November, and I’d really like to go see her, but even that is questionable because tickets are expensive as balls. I really need to hit the lottery, without having to play it haha, or at least find a job that pays decently.

Speaking of jobs, I guess it’s pretty obvious at this point that I haven’t had any luck in that department. I’ve gone on a handful of interviews since I quit my last job back in September, but so far nothing. Being unemployed for the last 6 months has been awful- not only for financial reasons, but my overall mood and well-being has taken a bit of a punch. I just feel so lazy and useless anymore. I’m not being overly picky about what kind of jobs I pursue, I just can’t seem to find something that makes sense for me. Not to mention I don’t have a car right now, so not only do I need to make sure I have someone to drive me to and from work, but I need to make sure there is someone that can be with Tyler at all times. He’s only at school from 9 to 4, plus summer break will be here before I know it, making it that much more difficult. Grr, things just are not going my way. At all. Ever.

My birthday is this Wednesday, but celebrating getting older lost it’s fun when I turned 25, lol. Now it’s just borderline depressing. I’m going to be 27- 3 more years to 30- and I feel like I should be doing so much more with my life at this age. I know there’s still a lot of people my age that are struggling for various reasons, and the economy is in a recession, etc., etc… I just imagined so much more for myself by this age. Things seem so much easier when you’re a kid, I guess. I might be a little more relaxed after my dentist appointment tomorrow morning. My dumb ass made my 6th month appointment 2 days before my birthday. Way to ruin the week, Amy! šŸ™‚ I am petrified of doctors and dentists. I’m not afraid of pain, and even going in to get actual work done doesn’t bother me. Just the anxiety of going in and them telling you if somethings wrong is what gets me. And let me tell you, I’ve always had bad luck with the dentist. Aside from the common misery that is braces and retainers, I had to get my gums scraped open when one of my top middle teeth didn’t push through after I lost my baby tooth, a tooth grew in half dead and needed drilled down and capped, I broke my 2 bottom middle teeth in half while at recess in 6th grade and needed root canals and crowns, and I’ve had several cavities. And all of this was before I was 16. At that point I refused to go back to the dentist until my dad bribed me into it in September 2010. That was fun, let me tell you. I have really weak teeth as it is, so after not going to the dentist for almost 10 years you can only imagine the shit show I went through. I didn’t lose my teeth or anything, but I had SO much work done. And even after all of that, and going back every 6 months for check-ups, I still seem to need a filling or something done, which is why my anxiety is in full-force waiting for tomorrow. Not only that, but both Jon and my mom are working tomorrow, so Jon’s mom has to take me, which I feel bad about. I have enough problems having to rely on my own mother and boyfriend for transportation. Well, I’m going to go lay in bed and hopefully get some sleep… I hope TBS added some new Big Bang Theory (my new obsession- I can’t get enough!) episodes online for me to stream and watch until I zonk out. šŸ™‚

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