Enough Is Enough

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I feel so bad for my boyfriend. His brother is a criminal- he has been a drug addict and in and out of jail for the past 10 years or so. He has manipulated, stole from, and overall has put his entire family through hell. About 5 years ago he was released from a 2 and a half year jail sentence. A couple years later he was put on probation again for a crime I still don’t know about, and now he is in jail again. Earlier this month he was arrested for stealing a car, stealing a license plate to put on said car, and robbed 3 pizza businesses, and is looking at at least several years back in prison. His parents have taken him back time and time again. They have allowed him to live with them several times, a couple of cars, have given him money and bailed him out of countless financial and legal issues, and most recently they even put up $600/month for him, his girlfriend, and their 2 daughters to live in a trailer. His girlfriend is also facing legal troubles, leaving their 2 daughters with his parents most of the time. One of the girls is 3, and is absolutely unbearable. I feel bad, but she really, really is. She doesn’t listen, constantly screams (at times for no reason), even says “fuck you” and other curse words. She runs into walls, furniture, and anything else that may be in the way, and thinks it’s hilarious. No doubt it’s a result of terrible parenting, and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if something is clinically wrong with her considering her parents are both drug addicts, and I have no doubt in my mind her mother used something while she was pregnant. The other daughter is only about 6 months old, which is a handful in itself. After this latest arrest his parents have proclaimed that they are done with him, won’t help him, won’t talk to him, etc. etc… well, we’ll see about that. They’re still carting around his girlfriend everywhere while she’s facing criminal charges, and watching the 2 kids. Their excuse is that they’re doing it for the kids, which I understand, however they are in no place mentally, financially, or otherwise to take in two girls if their mother goes to jail as well. And by the looks of things, that’s where they’re heading.

Jon has already said if his parents bend over backwards for his brother again, including his family, he is moving in with me, and he better. He’s miserable enough in that house (his other brother, wife, and son also live there at the moment) so I don’t even want to think about how unpleasant he’ll be having to put up with all of that. Not only this, but his parents are constantly on his ass about his bills. They took out a loan for his car, which he’s paying them for and does pay them monthly, but if he’s even a week late they’re on him like white on rice. Plus, they abruptly decided to stop helping with his student loans (which I won’t even get into- basically he was forced to go to college for some reason when he just wanted to go to a business school or to police training), and he really cannot afford them at the moment. It wouldn’t be as big of a deal if they weren’t helping the only one of their sons that has fucked them over so many times. Over the past several years they have put up over $30,000 for him. 30 GRAND!!! And they yell at Jon for being late on a $175 payment?! COME ON! Something’s gotta give… because this is bullshit. I try not to get into it, because it’s really not my place… but damn. I would really hate to see how I react if somehow this nonsense starts really effecting my son and I.

Sorry, I just really had to get that off my chest, since I’m kind of trying to stay mum on the situation here. I understand, and Jon understands, that he is a grown man and should take more responsibility for himself and his finances but the situation is how it is right now, and for them to just basically cut him off and leave him to fend for himself while they continue to ruin their own quality of life to help their criminal, junkie son is disgusting to me.


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