Happy May!

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Wow, I know everyone always says stuff like this, but time has seriously been flying! It’s been almost 1 month since I’ve last blogged. I really can’t believe it’s already May, and almost summer. Not that the weather changing has been any indication… at least not that you can rely on. We, like so many others, had an extremely mild winter. We were having days with spring temperatures in February… and then, just a few weeks ago, we had record breaking snow fall for this time of year. Seriously- 6 inches of snow in mid-late April is ridiculous! The snow didn’t stay very long, as the temperature was back up in the 70’s a few days later. Major bipolar weather!

So, I didn’t hear back from the job interview I went on that was mentioned in my last post. I really didn’t have high hopes going into it, or after it, so it wasn’t a big blow or anything. But this job hunt in general has been eating at my nerves hardcore. I went on another interview about 2 weeks ago, and it went really well. Superb, in fact. The guy even told me that he had interviewed 3 or 4 other people and I was by far the best one. However, the girl who’s position I was going to be taking decided to take night classes for school instead, so she could keep her job, and therefore they weren’t going to be bringing on any new hires. Of course. Not only did I slightly get my hopes up, but the job would’ve been so perfect for me and was exactly what I’m looking for. That was a major buzz kill. Since then I’ve just kept up with what I’ve been doing- checking craig’s list, various company websites, etc. and putting in applications and e-mailing resumes. Just today I sent in a resume to be the front desk person/receptionist at a health and fitness club/gym thats literally 2 or 3 minutes away from my house, and I already got a response to set up an interview. Wish me luck! This would also be a good fit for me. Right now I’d love to just be a desk person, and if I could get a free or discounted gym membership and tanning then that would be amazing!!! I terribly need to lose weight and tone up, and if I’m already there for work then I might as well work-out, too! OK, there I go… getting my hopes up again and I haven’t even set up an interview, lol.

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to do one of those picture memes that everyone’s been doing and finally decided to give it a shot. I know it’s already a day into May, but I figured one late picture is OK. 😉 A lot of these pictures are just going to be found from around the web since my camera is currently busted and not every category can be done with a web cam, but oh well. It’ll still be fun and something for me to post and write about. 🙂


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Crossing My Fingers May 1st- Peace

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