June 10th- A Childhood Memory & A Photo of You from 10+ Years Ago

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OK, so I don’t quite remember this first-hand, as I was about 5 years old, but I remember my parents constantly telling the story for years. And since there are pictures of it, it lives on. I was playing “hair dresser” with my little brother with the new toy hair styling kit I got. Seems like a legit thing for a young girl to do, right? Especially because my brother was too young and didn’t know any better. The memory part comes in because of what happened after this photo was taken. Now obviously my parents weren’t about to give me any real products or tools to work with, so I had to get creative. And by creative I mean, as soon as my parents left the room for a few minutes, I saw the first bottle of something and decided that it’ll do, and poured it all over my brother’s head. That bottle of something was baby powder, lol. The poor boy was white, and as pissed off as my parents were, they knew they had to take a picture of that (unfortunately my mom has the aftermath photos in an album packed away in the attic- I had this picture out because I used it on the cover of the portfolio I made in beauty school, since it was relevant, haha).

A Photo of You from 10+ Years Ago:

Ironic that both memes I’m doing this month called for old school pictures on June 10th, haha. Anyway, this was me at our local amusement park in May of 2001. I only remember that it was in May because a few of my friends and I decided to go to Kennywood instead of our school’s semi-formal dance, and it was always held in May, right around prom season. I was in 10th grade, so that makes me 16 years old, and about 11 years ago. Sheesh. I look quite a bit different now. I’m predominately blonde, and oh yeah, about 60 lbs. heavier. Ew. And to think I used to wish I could lose weight then. You have no idea how much I wish I could look like that again… lol.


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