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You’ll appreciate my use of sarcasm in this post’s title the further you read into this entry. I’m going to try and explain this as simply as possible, in order to get my point across, but it’s all really just a cluster-fuck of a situation in general. About a week ago Jon’s parents took in his 2 nieces. Their father, Jon’s brother, was put back in jail (he was in there for a couple of years until about 2007 or 2008 for various crimes he committed, likely a result of his 10+ year drug addiction) this past March and will likely be in there for a while. He robbed a handful of pizza shops, while using a car he stole. Nice, huh? The girls, Jon’s brother, and their mother were living in a trailer that Jon’s parents were paying for in an effort to prevent them from living at their house, until the landlord/owner of the trailer park kicked them out due to the crimes and fraud committed by both Jon’s brother and his girlfriend/the girls’ mother. As of last week, after determining that she, too, was still on drugs and/or abusing her prescribed medications, Jon’s parents drew up a temporary custody agreement for them to become guardians of the girls until she gets her life back in order. The girls are 3 and 7 months. So, right now, there’s Jon’s parents, his other brother, his wife, and his 6 year old son, Jon’s two nieces, and Jon living in one house. Throw in Tyler and I on the weekends and its one big pile of craziness piled under one roof.

Before I go off on my rage-filled rant here, let me just make it known that I don’t know how I would handle the situation myself, having never experienced it (knock on wood). I understand that it’s easy for me to say the things I’m about to say from the outside. The fact of the matter is, I feel how I feel and I need to get it off of my chest. Jon’s parents look like shit. The stress and frustration that goes along with having a drug addicted son for the past decade who’s in and out of jail was always hard on them, and now they have a toddler and an infant that is their responsibility because the girls’ mother is also incapable of being a decent parent, on top of it. Oh, and did I mention that the 3 year old isn’t the best behaved child on the planet? Its no doubt a result of her parents being invalids, but its true. She swears more than I do, doesn’t listen at all, and in all seriousness she more than likely has some sort of behavioral disorder. So far her doctors have only ruled out autism, but as she gets older she’s going to have more behavioral tests done. No one is really surprised, though, considering her mother’s past (and present) drug use.

When I was there last week I over heard Jon’s mother mention to someone that the situation is temporary, about a month or two at most, until the girls’ mother gets off of the drugs and finds a suitable place for them to live. Um, really? First of all, she couldn’t find them a place to live for the past few years; why do they think that is going to change anytime soon? Especially now that she knows that her daughters are being taken care of without her having to do a damn thing? Secondly, if having not one but two children wouldn’t make her want to quit the drugs, what makes them think its going to be easy for her now? Hell, Jon’s mom even picks her up and brings her to the house to see the girls on occasion. And if she does finally get herself the help she needs, its not going to take a few weeks. People battle with addiction for their entire lives, and she hasn’t even made the first step yet. She claims she’s going to check herself into a psychiatric ward for help, but that has yet to be seen, and her daughters were taken away from her almost 2 weeks ago. I know if Tyler was taken from me for whatever reason, I would begin doing whatever it was I needed to do to get him back IMMEDIATELY! I understand that drugs and addiction are extremely powerful, and it takes time and will power to help yourself, but I don’t see the will or desire in her. I’ve tried quitting smoking several times, unsuccessfully thus far, so I can’t even imagine what being addicted to a drug would be like, but this isn’t just her life that’s on the line here. Her daughters are in their most critical stages of development right now, so their lives are likely to be screwed up. Maybe not the infant, but the 3 year old already has issues. Not to mention Jon’s parents, who aren’t physically or mentally well enough from the past crap they’ve been put through to be raising two young girls.

Ugh, just writing about this situation gives me a headache. I need to stop there for now, not only because its getting me heated but because Jon’s going to be here shortly and Tyler and I are staying at his house tonight. I know I just bitched about how crazy the house was with all of those people living in it, but its going to be in the mid-90’s tomorrow so even a bunch of screaming children and miserable adults can’t keep me away from their pool, haha. Hopefully the situation will change for the better, for everyone’s sake, but until then there’s really not much I can do but watch from a distance and feel bad. At the risk of sounding like a selfish asshole, I really can’t afford to get myself or Tyler involved in it, because after all, I have my own drama to deal with and Tyler shouldn’t have to be subjected to that situation.


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