July 2nd- Busy

July 2, 2012 at 12:59 pm Leave a comment

Busy is what I will be for the next week-week and a half. Aside from 2 friends’ birthdays coming up, 4th of July, and Jon and I both having family in town, I’ll be hard at work cleaning Tyler’s new room and getting it set-up. My brother moved out on Saturday. He took most of his things, aside from the posters and crap he had hung on his wall and a gigantic pile of clothes and god knows what else, but was kind enough to leave all of his trash. And let me tell you, he isn’t the cleanest person in the world. Not to mention he smoked in his room, so I need to scrub down the walls and everything else in there. So gross. I smoke, but out of respect for my mother and dislike of my things reeking of smoke, I go outside. He’s an asshole. But yeah, that’s my week; busy doing one of the things I most despise- cleaning.


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