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Let me start out by saying that cooking and myself don’t go together unless it involves a joke or catastrophe. I’ve never really enjoyed cooking, and never was good at it unless it involved a microwave. Two humorous (or pathetic) times in particular come to mind; once I made a tomato/garlic/onion/basil pasta that tasted like dish soap thanks to my not rinsing the pan I had just washed enough, and the other time I actually managed to burn Easy Mac by putting it in the microwave for 33 minutes instead of 3 and a half minutes. While those times can more so be categorized under general stupidity rather than bad cooking, they still made people weary when I’d enter the kitchen with intent to prepare a meal, lol. Over the last year, I took it upon myself to make an effort to learn a little bit since I wasn’t working or doing anything, really. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to buying ingredients in general, especially meat. I’m always on a budget, so I buy cheap. If I see a package of meat that says “steak” on the label for $5-$6, I grab that shit up. Those of you that know anything about meat will know that it is pure crap, lol, but hey, it’s edible (kind of, haha). I’ve certainly come a long way. I still wouldn’t say I’m a great cook, but I can at least make a decent dinner for my family without it tasting like pure garbage.

Anyway, to get to my point, I made some damn good pork chops last night. I’m not really a huge fan of pork. I don’t hate it but it’s not usually something I’d buy over, say, chicken or beef. The grocery store was running a buy one, get one special so I couldn’t pass up getting two 5-count packs for under $9. Grilling is usually my preferred method of cooking meat, so I’ll do it if it’ll work. I looked online for some pork chop marinade/rub recipes but most of them included at least one ingredient that didn’t appeal to me, so I decided to take a little inspiration from a few of them and create my own on a whim. Thinking that it wouldn’t turn out to be amazing, I didn’t measure any of the ingredients I used and just kind of winged it on my own. I’m pretty certain that I’ll be able to come pretty close to it again the next time I make it, so when I do, I’ll try to remember to measure everything and post a real recipe. I used soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, water (I used a lot of soy sauce and didn’t want it to be super salty, so I diluted it a bit), brown sugar, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and almost an entire can of Coors Light (I’ll probably cut back on the water or not use it at all next time- I used it before I got the bright idea to throw in a beer, lol). I stirred it up, threw in the pork chops, and let it soak from about 2pm until about 9pm. They were sooo, sooo yummy! Tyler said that it kind of tasted like the teriyaki chicken samples they’re always offering at the mall food court, haha, and he was right. I was so proud of my little creation. Although, in all honesty, it’s very similar to a lot of marinade recipes out there. But the fact that I just threw in ingredients as they popped in my head without a strict recipe to follow in front of me made me proud, and I wanted to share, lol. 🙂


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