Mini “Stay”cation

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I have some time to kill so decided to write about my upcoming week… or upcoming couple of days, whatever. Jon starts work at 1 and I don’t start until 5, so he should be here shortly so I can drop him off at work and keep the car for when I have to go in at 5. Tyler and I are meeting my good friend and her adorable 1 year-old son for lunch. I haven’t really seen her for months, aside from her son’s birthday party last month, which doesn’t really count since she had several family members, friends, etc. there to entertain, so I didn’t get to talk to her very much. Should be fun, and her son is so cute. I work from 5 to close tonight (which should be about 8:30 at the latest- *crosses fingers*) and then I have 4 days off in a row! Maybe 5, I have to recheck the schedule when I get to work tonight to see if I go back Tuesday or Wednesday. I left the paper I wrote it down on at Jon’s house, and can’t seem to remember at the moment. Tomorrow night Jon, Tyler, and I are meeting my dad and stepmom for dinner. I feel like I haven’t seen them for months, which is probably close to accurate, so I can’t wait! I miss them. šŸ˜¦ He only lives about 45 minutes away, which isn’t terrible, but when I rely on Jon for a car, and gas prices are the way they are, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to drive out there. Not to mention my dad works a lot, Jon works a lot, and I work somewhat a lot (haha). We’re going to Benihana, which is one of those hibachi-style japanese steak and seafood restaurants, where they prepare almost everything on the table in front of you. Mmmm, SO GOOD! I can’t wait! Even though I’ve pretty much mastered their oh-so-delicious shrimp sauce and fried rice, which are my two favorite things about those kind of restaurants, I’m still excited to have the real deal!

Jon and I were planning on taking Tyler to the zoo Friday since we’re both off, and it’s the last week day before Tyler goes back to school. I’ve been waiting for a week day because I hate crowds, and waiting, and lines… which are all usually present on the weekends, especially during the summer. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to storm that day. Go figure! I rarely request nice, sunny days, but just this once I’d like to be given a break! Even if it’s not sunny, as long as the rain holds off for a couple of hours I’ll be a happy girl! In fact, I’d prefer if it’s not sunny and hot if I’m going to be walking around outside. We’re just going to play it by ear, and see how the day turns out. If it’s too crappy to go Friday, we may aim for Saturday since it’s supposed to be clear, with a high of about 71 degrees. That sounds like perfect zoo weather to me, so if I have to I guess I can suck it up and deal with all of the people. We haven’t been to the zoo for almost 2 years, I think, which is crazy considering I was going at least twice a year for a while there. I love animals. šŸ™‚

Anyway, that’s all the excitement planned. The rest of my days off I’m more than likely just going to relax, probably do some grocery shopping since it’s pay week, and Jon and I have to get two new tires for his car before they get so bald that they explode. I can’t believe Tyler already goes back to school next Thursday, the 23rd. That seems a bit early to me. I know a lot of kids are already back, but around here it’s usually the week before or after Labor Day. His cousin, who goes to school in a neighboring school district, doesn’t start until after Labor Day (I think) so I don’t know why Tyler’s school is in such a rush to get things going. Oh well, he seems to be excited. Well, at the very least he’s happy he gets to see all of his friends again. Ah, my little 3RD GRADER… geez, time flies!


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