Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish Review

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I’ve been seeing, reading, and hearing about magnetic nail polish for a while now. To be completely honest, it didn’t really interest me. I just figured it was another silly nail fad, like crackle polish, that would be huge for a minute and then fade away. Not only did I not want to spend money on something that I wouldn’t use (I have SO MANY crackle/shatter polishes that are just sitting around), but the design didn’t really fancy me, either. It’s a cool concept, and neat how you achieve the design, but to me the finished result just looked like lines. A few months ago I was grocery shopping and saw that Sally Hansen had come out with their own magnetic polish. It was being sold for $9.99 a bottle, and while the fact that it was now conveniently available at my local grocery store did make me a bit more curious about it, I still was not paying $10. Fast forward to last week. I had gotten a gift card to Target, and for once in my life didn’t have a cart full of miscellaneous items. I was browsing the beauty aisles and saw that the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color was only $8.99 there. Put that on top of the fact that I technically wasn’t spending my own money, and I was sold. I figured it was inevitable, anyway, as I’m a beauty product junkie and always have to have, or at the very least try, new products. Choosing a color was a bit difficult for me. I normally prefer cream finishes, while these were all metallic, and I’m usually drawn to blues and purples. The blue shade was more of a slate blue, which I wasn’t feeling, and their purple was also kind of a dull shade with a grey-ish undertone. I ended up going with the shade “Red-y Response” which is pretty much a purple, but with more of a pink/red undertone. It’s kind of like a mauve infused plum purple with a hint of fuchsia (shade pictured above). I tried it out that night, and was surprisingly really impressed with it! Here are my results (not a very good example, I know, but it’s the best I can do for the time being. Sorry!):

Process: The process is fairly simple. First you paint all 10 nails with one coat (if you use a base coat, do that ahead of time, obviously), and let them dry completely. Then you paint another coat on each nail, one by one, and hold the magnet (that is on top of the bottle’s lid) directly over the nail immediately for 10 seconds. There is a little lip on the lid that you can rest against your finger/cuticle to help prevent the magnet from touching your nail, although I still managed to have two small slips. I did end up getting the hang of it, though! Once you repeat that process on all 10 nails, let them dry and apply your top coat. I didn’t use a top coat this time because I wanted to see how long it would wear on it’s own for the sake of giving a more thorough review. šŸ˜‰

Wear Time: I painted my nails on Monday evening. It is now Thursday morning and I do have quite a bit of chipping going on. I had a little bit of tip wear starting within 24 hours, but in all fairness I’m also one that picks at my nails a lot and I’m also quite clumsy when it comes to working with my hands, so i feel that I’m much more prone to ruining my nail polish! If I were to have used a top coat (I typically go with Seche Vite) I have no doubt that I would’ve gotten at least another couple of days without any problems. To me it wears like most other decent nail polishes, worn without a top coat.

Design: I wasn’t impressed by the designs I had seen in photos and videos online, but I really ended up liking my results. It looks a lot more 3-demensional and holographic in person! My fingers are really small, therefore my nails are tiny (and right now, very short), so I wasn’t sure how much it would work for me. And while I don’t doubt that it would look much better on bigger, longer nails, I was happy with what I got!

Where to Buy: You should be able to buy this at most places that sell Sally Hansen products, such as local grocery stores, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, other drugstores, Ulta, etc… as well as several online retailers. The price should range anywhere between $7.99 and $9.99.


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