My Girls Are Coming to TV

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Two of my favorite celebrities/musicians/girls in the whole wide world are coming to TV this week. Christina Aguilera is on the 3rd season of The Voice starting Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday night this week, and Britney Spears is on the 2nd season (though her first) of The X Factor starting Wednesday and Thursday night this week. I know that most people usually pick one or the other, Britney or Christina, but I am a rare, neutral party, and absolutely adore them both. (Although, when it comes to the great boy band rivalry of the late 90’s/early 00’s, I’m N Sync all the way. I mean, geez, there shouldn’t even be any competition! 😉 ) I think it’s kind of funny how Brit and X-Tina are being pitted against one another, yet again, when the two of them really don’t have much in common aside from their past on The Mickey Mouse Club and the fact that they’re women around the same age that sing pop music, which is an extremely general and wide-set genre. Their music really doesn’t go hand in hand with one another, and both have different things about them that I love. For instance, Britney has the fun, dance vibe going for her, while Christina has the amazing voice. I could never chose just one, though in all honesty, I see Britney doing a bit better on the X Factor, at least ratings-wise.

This is Britney’s first season, so it’s new to her and her fans, so no doubt people will be tuning in due to curiosity alone. Plus, she has a really, really strong fan base who won’t miss a second of her. A lot of the general public are also probably going to tune in to see how she does, how she looks, etc… just about everyone and their grandmother knows about her rocky past, and everyone can’t deny the fact that “crazy” people on TV makes for good entertainment. I have complete confidence that Britney is on a much better path in life both personally and professionally, and though she’s been doing a great job (going by the segments she has already filmed over the last several months), people will still tune in expecting/hoping to see a train wreck. Oh well, let ’em. That just means higher ratings and therefore more success for Britney. 🙂

Christina, on the other hand, has been doing this for 3 seasons now. People generally know what to expect, know her personality on the show, know the format of the show, etc… Not to mention Britney’s generally warm, friendly personality tends to win people over more so than Christina’s. Christina tends to come off a bit cold, cocky, and at times bitchy to a lot of people. Even as a huge fan, I can see it. I think a lot of it is mostly confidence on her part, which is good, but can often come off really arrogant to others. She’s also been getting a lot of criticism over the last couple of years for her weight, outfits, and just overall attitude and actions, and I think a lot of people are being turned off by her. I still love her, though. 🙂

Both shows premiere this week. I was happy to learn that The Voice was on Monday and Tuesday nights, and the X Factor was on Wednesday and Thursday nights. That way I don’t have to chose one, and can watch both of them. I was super pissed off to hear that The Voice was having a 3-day premiere week, meaning it’s going to overlap with the X Factor Wednesday night, so hopefully this is a one-time thing. However, it turns out I’ll be DVRing both of them anyway. 😦 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights I work until 8 or later, and I believe both shows air at 8 (maybe 9 for the voice, I’m not sure yet). Even though I’m done working at 1pm on Mondays, and would have the entire night to watch TV, my cable boxes are still screwed up. My mom’s cable still works, but she watches her own shows at night. Luckily hers is the one with the DVR, so if I have to wait a day to see each episode I guess I can deal. I think NBC has an iPad app. that I can download and watch episodes of The Voice, but so far I haven’t found anything for FOX.

Either way, I’m excited to actually have shows to be excited about this fall. I’m usually not much of a TV show follower, especially American Idol-esque shows, but I can’t NOT watch my girls! 🙂

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