Holy Brrrrrr!

January 22, 2013 at 11:20 am Leave a comment

So it is currently 7 degrees out. Tyler had a 2 hour delay this morning due to the low temperature, and it’s not expected to rise much throughout the day. It goes without saying that it is fucking cold here at the moment. But you know what? I think this is much more tolerable than 90+ degree temperatures during the summer… hell, even 80 degrees is pushing it for me. Just think… when it’s cold out, you can always grab a comfy blanket, put on a coat, hat, gloves, etc. There’s hot chocolate and coffee to warm you up (or your choice of alcoholic beverages- never fails as an internal heater 🙂 ). And you can pump up your heaters/fireplaces. While you always have AC in the summer to cool off your place, that’s about the only effective way to beat the heat. Fans just push the hot air around, and in order to get any real relief you almost have to stand directly in front of them. Swimming pools are nice, but not everyone has that luxury, and after a while your skin gets all shriveled and gross. You can dress in nearly nothing, but even if it were socially acceptable to walk around butt naked you’ll still be hot, and you can’t exactly take off anymore layers at that point. Not to mention the sweaty grossness that comes along with being hot. Summer is just a gross, intolerable time of year. So there, my friends, is my debatable opinion on why winter is easier to deal with than summer. Kindly stop flooding my twitter and facebook newsfeeds about how you’re so cold and put on a damn coat.

There is no doubt in my mind, though, that these people that feel the need to post status after status about how cold it is are going to be the same people come June whining that they’re too hot. Let me also make it clear that this is Pittsburgh. We have cold winters and hot summers… the weather in general may be changing, but that simple fact never has.


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