Children’s Claritin 24-Hour Grape Chewable Tablets Review

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My son (9 years old) has dealt with allergies for years. I wouldn’t say that they’re seasonal, or an everyday thing, but he does suffer from consistent periods of time where his eyes and nose are out of control. His eyes water, become puffy and swollen looking, and itchy, while his nose becomes stuffy, runny, and congested. These are all pretty typical symptoms, but for a 9 year old, they can be overwhelming. We’ve tried several brands of children’s allergy medications over the years. The most recent brand we’ve used was Target’s Up & Up generic brand.

While his usual medication has been helping him in the mornings and through most of his day, it always seems to wear off by the time he gets home from school. Even the prescription strength allergy drops his pediatrician prescribed him not too long ago didn’t seem to hold him over for very long. After battling allergies for this long, he was excited to hear that a new medicine would be coming for him to try. He initially wasn’t too thrilled about the fact the they were flavored, chewable tablets (he’s not a fan of the taste of medicine, typically) he was willing to try anything that potentially could make him feel better.

The first day we tried the Claritin, he took it the same time he usually takes his allergy medication in the morning. As soon as he walked in the door later that day, he literally ran up the stairs to tell me, and in a way show me, how great he was still feeling! He immediately told me that I had to keep buying them. He was rubbing his eyes less, he could comfortably breathe through his nose all day, and to be honest he said that he didn’t even mind the taste that much. I know that Claritin is a fairly popular and decent brand, but I was surprised that it seemed to make that much of a difference on him. Even medications that promise 12-hour relief tend to fall short, let alone a 24 hour one, but Children’s Claritin definitely did what it claimed to do.

I will definitely be purchasing this brand again, and taking advantage of the coupons I received. Price was definitely a factor when choosing medications before, but my son’s health and overall well-being is worth paying a little extra for!

Note: I am a member of BzzAgent and was able to try this product for free in return for my honest opinion.


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