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Happy Thanksgiving!

So, the last blog I posted was basically apologizing for being M.I.A and promising to start writing more… fast forward to over a month later, and here I am, about to promise and apologize for the same things…. 🙂 I’ve been working 6 days a week since another receptionist I was working with got fired. Someone new started on Tuesday, but it could be over a month until she’s trained enough to be on her own. That pretty much has been my life in a nutshell, but other than that, work has been really good so I can’t complain. Halloween was kind of a dud, so that didn’t really seem blog-worthy. Our trick or treating was cancelled on behalf of Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy (even though we just got rain, and nothing near what I guess they were anticipating), and a few of our friends, Jon, and I just kind of hung out the previous weekend and played around with some weird make-up and had some drinks. No parties, sadly. Jon’s birthday was November 3rd, but his cousin’s wedding was the same day. The wedding was actually pretty fun, though, as there was bowling, as well as drinking and dancing, after the meal… haha. I’m not at all into politics, so no use writing about how bad people that get sticks up their asses around election time piss me off. I did get to see Madonna in concert on November 6th, though, which wasn’t a terribly great show however it was super cool to see her live. I’ve always been a pretty big fan of hers, and even though I’m not too familiar with her newer music, it was still a great time. She sang ‘Like A Prayer’ so that was good enough for me. I read in an article that it was the first time she’s performed in Pittsburgh since 1985, the year I was born, so it was awesome that I got to see her. She’s getting up there in age, so who knows how many tours she’ll be able to do after this one.

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow! Jon, Tyler, my mom, and possibly my brothers will be going to my grandfather’s tomorrow for an early meal. I do have to work at 8:45am on Friday, but thankfully I’m no longer in retail. In fact, the only reason I have to work that early is because I’m covering for another receptionist who had requested off. No biggie, and it’ll be calm for me. 🙂 I do not envy those in retail… seriously. That was pure hell. Right now Jon and I are off to our friend’s house for a bonfire to celebrate one of the biggest party nights of the year! Luckily it’s in the same neighborhood as me, so we don’t have to worry about driving drunk and DUI checkpoints… everyone be safe and enjoy!


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Geez, it’s been over a month since I last posted. Longer than that, actually, since I don’t really count the last entry as it was a review. I’ve been working a lot, and keeping pretty busy with boring but productive life activities during my off time. My work hours are going to sky rocket over the next several weeks, as one of the other receptionists got fired, and I need to pick up her slack until someone new is hired and trained enough that she can stand on her own. The paychecks will be wonderful, however, I’m not too keen on working 6 days a week and closing most of those nights. We close at 8:30, but in reality we aren’t done until the last client is finished and pays. Sometimes this means we get out super early, sometimes we have to stay really late, sometimes the last stylist happens to be one of the few that has a key and will have their customer pay in advance so the receptionist can close up and go home– you just never know. That’s the problem. The latest I’ve been there so far while closing is 9:30, which isn’t terribly late or anything, but the fact that it’s an hour past the actual closing time of the salon sucked, because I was sitting around doing nothing for an hour. Anyway, I will hopefully update again soon, preferably this week or even tonight (doubt it, lol). Fall and all of the holidays are my favorite time of year, and though I don’t have anything exciting going on as of right now, I still want to write about it lol. Adios!

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All Work and No Play

Ha, listen to me. I’ve been working again for barely a month, and only 3 or 4 days a week, at that, and it already has made me neglect my poor little blog. So far I’ve been working a little over 20 hours a week, and trust me I understand that is nothing compared to people with full time jobs, but all of my usual daily chores + being at Jon’s several days a week with shitty wi-fi + only having certain windows of inspiration and desire to blog = not a lot of blogging opportunities. But alas, here I am. Work has been going pretty good. I’m relatively comfortable with everything now, and they even have me closing by myself already. The only thing that sucks about closing is that you don’t always know when you’re going to be done. It all depends on the stylists, basically, and when they finish their last client. Sometimes it’s awesome and they finish their last appointment an hour or two before the salon closes and we get to leave, but sometimes they’ll finish well after close, or even the worst case scenario- take a walk-in at the last damn minute. I wouldn’t mind as much if I didn’t have a kid to get home to and more likely than not have to pick up Jon at work (since we’ve been sharing his car), but it is what it is and at the end of the day I’m so thankful and relieved to finally be working again. The 9 months I spent unemployed were awful. I enjoyed having a ton of free time and being able to relax whenever I wanted, but that didn’t overpower the feelings of worthlessness and worry that come along with being broke. I’m not making a whole lot of money right now, either, but it’s certainly better than nothing. Today I went into work on my day off to get my hair done, after letting my roots grow out for at least 3 or 4 months. It was much needed, let me tell you! Even though I have terrible split ends up and down the last 5 or 6 inches of my hair at least, I only got highlights to touch up my roots. Even though trimming my hair will make it appear healthier and promote better hair growth, I’m just not ready to cut it, lol. It took me almost 3 years to get to the length I’m at now (and it’s still only about 4 inches below my shoulders). Here is a picture I took of myself a few days ago:

And here is a picture of me a few minutes ago:

Yeah… you can’t really tell, I know. Stupid shadows and shitty webcams will do that. 😦 But take my word for it, my hair no longer has 3-4 inch dark roots and blonde ends. 😀 Yay! I’m thinking I’m going to get more foils and go a bit lighter next time, or even throw some more foils on the top in the next couple weeks, but overall I’m really happy to finally have normal-looking hair again. Because I work at the salon, I only had to pay for the products that were used, so it came to $9.50. Bonus! I tried tipping the girl that did my hair $20 but she absolutely refused to take it, after fighting with me about it for a good 5 minutes. I feel so bad, but that was super sweet of her.

Last week Tyler and my mom went to Jacksonville, FL to visit with my aunt, uncle, and cousins from Monday to Saturday. I only had off two of those days. I had intended on cleaning and reorganizing a lot, but didn’t get very far at all. I had off Thursday, so Wednesday night Jon and I had some of our friends over. The next day, I shit you not, I got out of bed maybe 3 times- once to fill up a jug with water and let my mom’s dog outside, once when Jon got home from work around 7pm to go pick up take out from TGI Fridays, and then another time to pee and let the dog out. Worst. Hangover. Ever. I didn’t even drink that much the night before, maybe 4 or 5 Strawberry Kiwi Pinnacle Vodkas + Sprite, but I was feeling it hardcore the next day. I also had off Saturday, so we went to our friend’s house for a bonfire. I only had a couple of beers that night, but still didn’t feel very well the next morning. I don’t know how I ever drank the way I did a couple of years ago, but even a few glasses of wine gets to me now. I like having a low tolerance, because it’s cheaper (lol), but damn… hangovers get the best of me now and it’s kind of pathetic. Anyway, Tyler and my mom had a great time during their vacation. They went to the beach twice (which I thought was bullshit- you don’t go to FL for 4.5 days and go to the beach just TWICE!), swam a lot at my aunt and uncle’s house, went shopping, to dinner, etc… Tyler mostly played video games with my cousins, lol, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s turned into quite the little gamer. It kind of bothers me, because I would much rather him be doing something active and better for him, but I guess a lot of kids these days are into technology.

Well, that has been my last week and a half or so in a nutshell. Not very exciting. I work on Saturday, then 4 days in a row next week. The 4 days in a row doesn’t bother me, but I have to be there at 8:30am on Monday morning, which I’m really not looking forward to. Considering I’ll most like be staying at Jon’s house Sunday night (which is about 15 minutes tacked onto my already 15-20 minute drive to work) I’ll have to set my alarm for around 6:30am in order to give myself enough time to shower, get ready, and get to work on time… ew. A lot of the time I can barely fall asleep until 5 or 6 in the morning, so this should be interesting, haha. Until next time kiddos… 🙂

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I Survived Week One

My new job has been going pretty good. Well, really good, I guess you could say. My only problem (aside from the fact that I have like zero clothes to wear to work) is the down time. They’ve been kind of slow this past week, so there was a lot of sitting/standing around and staring at the clock, which I can’t stand. I like to be busy, especially when I’m at work. It keeps me focused and time goes by much faster. Other than that, though, I think I’m doing a pretty good job. A lot of people have already told me that they’re impressed by how fast I’m catching on and whatnot. It’ll be a while until I’m completely comfortable with making appointments (every stylist has different finish times for different services, and it can be a bit confusing) but I’m fairly confident that I’ll learn quickly. I just hope this is a fluke week and most weeks are much busier. One of the things I really can’t stand, though, is the fact that there are two frozen yogurt places near where I work. Ugh, talk about temptation. There’s one a few doors down, and one in the plaza that’s across the street- and I can see both of them from our window. The worst is when people get something and walk right past our door, all happy eating their delicious fro-yo. Surprisingly I haven’t tried either of them yet, but you best believe when the time is right I will be tearing that shit up, lol.

Frozen yogurt aside, I’m hoping that now that I’m working again I’ll lose some weight. I lost a good 15-20 lbs. when I started working my last job, just from being up and active and not sitting around my house all day. From my “diet” alone I’ve already lost 5lbs. I can officially say that because the last several times I’ve weighed myself I’ve been consistently at this weight. Normally my weight would fluctuate back and forth, but so far it’s sticking for once. 5 lbs. is good, and I’m happy about it, but it’s been about a month and a half since I started eating better, and I definitely hoped for more by now. But I’m not giving up. After all, I wasn’t really super strict about anything. It’s hard to diet when you’re on a budget and also providing for an 8 year old. If it were just me it wouldn’t be as much of an issue, but I have to make sure that I’m buying food that my son will eat, too. And even though he definitely could afford to drop some weight himself, it’s not realistic to expect a child to eat salads and plain, grilled chicken every night.

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Back to Reality

OK, I got so behind on my July photo-a-days. I just posted about 6 days worth. Oops. I’ve been busy lately. Well, not as much busy as not home, haha. When I have been home I’ve been working on Tyler’s new bedroom. It’s pretty much finished now. He still has quite a bit of stuff left in his old room that I need to find a place for or bag up and throw/give away. And I need to get his cable working. My cable box hasn’t been working for several months, and the one my mom gave him was working for her, but when we hooked it up in his room it only got a few channels. So she took both his and my cable boxes to Comcast and swapped them for new ones. Now nothing works. I tried activating them several times online, once through their automated phone service, and once by talking to an actual representative on the phone, and still nothing. I’m going to give it a few more tries and if it still doesn’t work I guess the only options are to either get new boxes again or have a Comcast person come to the house. Such a pain in the ass. I’m not really worried about it at the moment, because I’ve gone without cable for a while now, but Tyler hates falling asleep in the pitch black dark and likes to have the TV on. As long as I have it working by September when X Factor starts, I’ll be fine. 😉

Oh, and some excellent news! I finally got a job!!! Yay! After about 10 months of unemployment, I’ll be a working girl again starting tomorrow. I’m not making a whole lot of money, and it’s only part time for now, but it’s something. Not to mention something that I’ve been looking for. I’ve wanted a desk job (receptionist, secretary, etc.) because I really HATED working retail. This job is a receptionist position at a hair salon, so it’s perfect for me. I actually interviewed at this place a couple of months ago, and though my interview went pretty well, the girl whose position I was going for ended up staying, so they weren’t hiring anymore. Thank god another girl decided to leave! I’ll have to schedule appointments, check people in and out, answer phones, keep the front desk/retail area clean, organized, and stocked, help with sweeping up hair and doing laundry, and possibly help with shampooing. The only thing that concerns me at all is the shampooing, just because I had a few incidents in beauty school where the clients left a bit wet, lol. I think I’ll get used to it, though. Everything else is perfect for me. I’m borderline OCD when it comes to neatness (except for my own bedroom, ironically) so that will at least give me something to do when there’s downtime. I’m kind of nervous for tomorrow, but excited at the same time. It’s going to be difficult sharing a car with Jon, but we really need the extra income. Wish me luck!!!

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June 11th- Something Blue & A Recent Photo of You

My water bottle! I bought it a few weeks ago, along with a pink one. I’m determined to lose weight and get healthy, and one of the main things I know I have been doing terribly is drinking enough water each day. You’re supposed to drink 8 cups (64 oz.) everyday, and I’m sure there have been several days that I’ve gone through drinking barely even 1 cup, and that’s bad. I know that drinking more water alone isn’t going to help me lose weight and get in shape, that would be silly, but it’s a start to a healthier lifestyle. I fill both bottles up every day. The pink one I try to have finished by 4pm, and the blue one I try to finish before bed. Each bottle is 28 oz. so I have to try and remember to drink an extra cup per day, but even if I forget that’s still 7/8 cups of recommended water that I’m getting. It’s surprisingly not as much as it seems, and a hell of a lot more convenient than measuring out each cup and trying to keep track of how much you’re drinking throughout the day. I even drew lines with time goals on the bottles (like, finish this much by noon, this much by 2pm, this much by 4pm, etc…), so I have a little extra push. If you’re drinking a cup of water every 2 hours, it seems like nothing! Drinking plenty of water is also good for your skin, too! 🙂

A Recent Photo of You:

OK, I am cheating. I already used this picture for one of the days last month, but this is seriously the most recent picture of myself I, or anyone, has taken. Well, at least the most recent picture that was taken that wasn’t subsequently deleted. I hate pictures of myself. I especially hate when other people take pictures of me. When I’m taking it, I can at least position myself and pose myself in a less-undesireable way. I’m so self-conscious of the way I look to begin with, and I always seem to look 50 lbs. heavier in pictures. I really hope I can stick to this new diet and exercise plan, because I can’t stand looking like this anymore. And being healthy wouldn’t hurt, either!

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Happy May!

Wow, I know everyone always says stuff like this, but time has seriously been flying! It’s been almost 1 month since I’ve last blogged. I really can’t believe it’s already May, and almost summer. Not that the weather changing has been any indication… at least not that you can rely on. We, like so many others, had an extremely mild winter. We were having days with spring temperatures in February… and then, just a few weeks ago, we had record breaking snow fall for this time of year. Seriously- 6 inches of snow in mid-late April is ridiculous! The snow didn’t stay very long, as the temperature was back up in the 70’s a few days later. Major bipolar weather!

So, I didn’t hear back from the job interview I went on that was mentioned in my last post. I really didn’t have high hopes going into it, or after it, so it wasn’t a big blow or anything. But this job hunt in general has been eating at my nerves hardcore. I went on another interview about 2 weeks ago, and it went really well. Superb, in fact. The guy even told me that he had interviewed 3 or 4 other people and I was by far the best one. However, the girl who’s position I was going to be taking decided to take night classes for school instead, so she could keep her job, and therefore they weren’t going to be bringing on any new hires. Of course. Not only did I slightly get my hopes up, but the job would’ve been so perfect for me and was exactly what I’m looking for. That was a major buzz kill. Since then I’ve just kept up with what I’ve been doing- checking craig’s list, various company websites, etc. and putting in applications and e-mailing resumes. Just today I sent in a resume to be the front desk person/receptionist at a health and fitness club/gym thats literally 2 or 3 minutes away from my house, and I already got a response to set up an interview. Wish me luck! This would also be a good fit for me. Right now I’d love to just be a desk person, and if I could get a free or discounted gym membership and tanning then that would be amazing!!! I terribly need to lose weight and tone up, and if I’m already there for work then I might as well work-out, too! OK, there I go… getting my hopes up again and I haven’t even set up an interview, lol.

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to do one of those picture memes that everyone’s been doing and finally decided to give it a shot. I know it’s already a day into May, but I figured one late picture is OK. 😉 A lot of these pictures are just going to be found from around the web since my camera is currently busted and not every category can be done with a web cam, but oh well. It’ll still be fun and something for me to post and write about. 🙂

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