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July 16th- Sign

Aw yeah, some 3rd grade nostalgia right here. I remember some of my friends and I doing a dance to this song for our 3rd grade talent show… and one to “Whoop! There It Is.” Is it me or are some/most of the photo-a-day challenges for July kind of random?! I mean, I know they’re supposed to be random, but by random I meant boring. Especially when I don’t have a working camera at the moment (aside from my webcam, which does me no good for most photos) and am using either old pictures or ones that I find on Google.

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July 9th- Big

Is it sad that the first thing I thought of when I saw the word “big,” such a commonly used adjective, was Mr. Big from Sex and the City? Yes, Amy, yes it is.

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July 5th- On the Floor

If any of the people in this picture see this I’m in deep shit, lol. This picture is from a friend’s 21st birthday last summer, after we had gotten back to his house from the bar. Pretty self explanatory. 😛

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June 29th- Black and White & Something You’re Excited For

This was the first night we brought our kitty, Gracie, home. She and Tyler bonded so quickly. 🙂 He was 3, and she was obviously only a few weeks old. Now she’s almost 5 and Tyler is 8. My babies are all growing so quickly! 😦

Something You’re Excited For:

X Factor!!! Well, more specifically, Britney on X Factor! If you’ve read my blog before, even just on occasion, you’d know that I adore Britney Spears, so naturally I’m super excited to be able to see her on TV 2 nights a week. Not only am I excited to see her, but I’m excited for her. It’s a great way for her to prove to the world just how well she’s been doing and it’s being reported that she’s doing a terrific job so far. Eat that, critics!

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June 27th- From a Distance & First and Current Celebrity Crushes

This is from February 2011. My friend and I went to the Bon Jovi concert. We were tailgating in the parking lot before the show, and decided it would be a good idea to hop over the railing, climb the hill, and take pictures with the tree. Please don’t ask, because I can’t answer. 🙂

First and Current Celebrity Crushes:

My first major (and by major I mean collecting everything having to do with them, hanging posters on my walls, etc.) crush was Leonardo DiCaprio when I was 12. It was right before Titanic came out, after I saw him in Romeo & Juliet. And when I saw him in Titanic, it just got worse, lol. That lasted until the summer before 8th grade. That summer I had a big thing for Ben Affleck in Armageddon, until I saw this little band called *N Sync performing on the Disney channel, and from then on my life was changed forever, lol. I freaking LOVE Justin Timberlake, and have for the past 14 years or so. Crazy. That’s half of my life! I think he’s a decent actor and has done some pretty good movies (I loved Alpha Dog, Friends With Benefits, and In Time particularly) but god damn I miss his music. You cannot put out an album like Future Sex/Love Sounds and then just stop. You just CAN’T!

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June 26th- Close-Up & A Guilty Pleasure

Oh, hi there, multi-colored eyes! I’ve been so boring with my make-up lately, mostly due to laziness, and truth be told, I miss having fun with my make-up. I just might have to play with my eyes next time I’m bored rather than sit on my ass and play Draw Something, lol.

A Guilty Pleasure:

I know I’ve mentioned this several times on here over the past few days already, but I am obsessed with watching Nip/Tuck so it’s my current guilty pleasure. I’m almost done with season 5, and there’s only 6 seasons, so pretty soon I’m going to have to find something new to watch every night. 😦 I will miss you, Dr. Christian Troy. Any suggestions? Preferably something on Netflix…

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June 22nd- Hands & A Website

Or how about hand… my nails aren’t painted at the moment so I wasn’t about to take a picture of my hands, so this one-handed nail polish picture from a few months ago will have to work. 🙂 Plus, I don’t particularly care for my hands. They’re really small, stubby, and chubby, lol. But rainbow + tiger print = LOVE! Not my best work, but I still liked it. Check out what I used here!

A Website:

Undressed Skeleton is a great fitness, weight loss, and healthy eating website. I came across it on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and have been hooked ever since. Not only does she have an amazing and inspiring weight loss and lifestyle transformation story, she also has TONS of great healthy recipes and other tips for losing weight and just being healthy overall. Whether you’re currently dieting or just in need of some inspiration, you should definitely check out this site!

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