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*NSync 30 Day Challenge- In One Long Post

A while back I came across this *N Sync 30 Day Challenge. I haven’t had the time to do it properly, but since I’m throwing back a couple of beers tonight (long, stressful week + 4 day weekend ahead = I deserve these beers!) and I’m still high off of their 120 second reunion performance with Justin at last weekend’s MTV Video Music Awards, I figured it’d be fun to do right now. 😉 *N Sync is seriously my all-time favorite group, and even though I’m 28 years old now, I still blast their music in my car, know all the words (and choreography- don’t hate), and hope for a comeback tour that’ll likely never come. (For the record, if they do ever tour again I’m totally taking a leave of absence from work and following them on tour. I’ll pull Tyler out of school, too, because dammit he deserves to grow up knowing the glory that is *N Sync, lol.)

1. When and how did you become a fan?

Hmm, it all goes back to when I was 13. My best friends and I had somewhat of an obsession with calling our local radio station for a summer and trying to win a CD through their nightly Top 8 at 8 contest. (Basically they played the top 8 songs of the day, you call and try to be caller #8 as the number 1 song is playing and if you can name what song was at what number on the countdown you win a CD.) One night my friend won, and she got *N Sync’s first album. We listened and listened and listened to it and loved it, so I ended up buying my own copy. When I saw their concert special on the Disney channel a few months later I was hooked. I literally got baby blue bands put in my braces (because that was Justin’s favorite color, of course) a week later… it doesn’t get more hardcore than that, lol!

2. Favorite group picture?

I honestly can’t remember a certain picture of them that I liked so much more than any others… so I just browsed through google a bit and found this one. I think they all look so handsome here, aside from Chris’s glasses (pretty much make him look like he has 2 black eyes…wtf?) which I can look past for now. I almost wanted to post a recent one of them from last week’s VMA’s, but I figured for the sake of nostalgia I’ll keep everything old school. 🙂

3. Favorite member?

Justin, hands down. He was my favorite from the very beginning. Shortly after my obsession began I realized EVERYONE loved Justin, and being the little rebel that I was I decided Joey was my favorite for a while (his red hair was freakin’ awesome!) and I went through a JC phase for a while, too. But seriously, Justin has always been my favorite. He’s the closest to my age, his dancing is ridiculous, his voice makes my heart melt (hello falsetto!), and obviously he is just gorgeous. I’ve long dreamt about touching his curly, blonde fro back in the day… he needs to bring that back. For reals.

4. Favorite era?

No Strings Attached. Absolutely. It was their best album (and best selling album EVER to date), their live show was amazing, and it was just so much fun to be already invested in a group and have them blow up that much more success-wise. And as tacky as the whole marionette thing might’ve been, at the time it was the shit, lol.

5. Favorite voice?

I think JC has the best technical singing voice, but Justin’s is so unique and his range is huge. I’ve always appreciated his voice, especially his high notes.

6. Favorite music video?

I Drive Myself Crazy! It’s a cute song, yes, but the video is great. I think it kind of showed how they didn’t take themselves too seriously, by making a humorous video to an otherwise sweet, sentimental ballad. So funny.

7. First merchandise/product you owned?

Hmm, assuming their first album doesn’t count, I honestly don’t know what the first would be. I had a shit load… shit. load. While I can’t remember my first piece of *N Sync memorabilia, I do remember my dad coming home from work with their Christmas album and their official book the day they were both released, and being over the moon about it!

8. Favorite song on *NSync?

I Want You Back. Easily. Not because it was their first single, or a widely popular song, but because it’s awesome even to this day, lol.

9. Favorite song on Home For Christmas?

It’s a toss up between O Holy Night, Under My Tree, and of course, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

10. Favorite song on No Strings Attached?

Either It Makes Me Ill or I Thought She Knew… it’s too hard to even pick 2 from that album, though. They were all so good!

11. Favorite song on Celebrity?

Probably would have to be Gone. Love singing that song in my car, by myself, lol.

12. *N Sync merchandise you still own?

Well, I have a lot of it stored away in my attic right now. I do plan on using a lot of it when I buy a house someday. Seriously, I’ve already told Jon that I’m sorry, but the basement will be turned into a pop culture room, rather than a sports/game room. I have a couple t-shirts floating around my current circulation, and all 5 of the marionette dolls are staring at me from the top shelf in my closet as we speak. Oh, and there’s a magnet on my refrigerator, haha!

13. Have you been to a concert or performance?

Hell yes, I’ve been to 11 *N Sync shows! I’ve also seen Justin once per solo tour, including this summer’s Legends of the Summer tour, and I’m seeing him again this December for his 20/20 Experience World Tour. They were the best shows EVER!

14. Favorite tour or concert?

I think show-wise the No Strings Attached tour was by far the best (and my favorite concert DVD to rewatch, lol) but my favorite would have to be their first tour(s) for their first album. They were just becoming big so at first, the venues were a bit smaller (and did I mention a virtually unknown Britney Spears as their opening act?!) and it was all so new and exciting for me and my friends! I saw their earliest tours 5 times alone thanks to my dad willing to take my friends and I to several, as well as them having several legs of the tour.

15. Favorite choreography?

I think Bye Bye Bye’s is the most commonly known and therefore fun to do in public with others (lol, don’t ask), but I love the moves in It’s Gonna Be Me. Probably because they were somewhat fast-pasted and intricate, and I was still able to learn them and impress people, lol. The dance for Tearin’ Up My Heart is a classic, too.

16. Favorite costumes/outfits?

I’m going with these Tommy Hilfiger jerseys they wore during one of their earlier tours, and let me explain why. They came to Pittsburgh on March 8th for a show. For my birthday, on March 21, my mom bought me the same exact baby blue basketball jersey Justin wore in the show. Earlier that year for Christmas my dad bought me 6th row tickets for their show in Colombus, OH on March 26th. At the Colombus show, I wore the jersey, and because I was so close, I was able to get Justin to see me and notice I had the same shirt on as him, so he pointed at me, pointed at his shirt, and smiled. Ugh… it was amazing, lol.

17. Favorite song performed live?

Hmmm…. always the opening songs. Like No Strings Attached, or even Crazy For You. The opening songs are always so full of excitement and therefore the best!

18. Favorite lyrics?

I’m going to go real soft on you all here and quote a lyric from one of their Christmas songs, Loves In Our Hearts On Christmas Day. It really is a an adorable lyrics, whether they wrote it themselves or not. 🙂

“A snowflake melts in your eye and turns to a tear. But your cheek it stays dry, with your warm smile so near. I have no fear, we’re gonna make it.”

19. An *N Sync reunion has been announced! Make your ideal set list.

Oh dear God…pardon me while I pee myself at the mere thought. This is really hard, because I would really love nothing more than to sit there for hours and watch them perform every song they’ve ever recorded. But I’m going to try this… as best as I can. I’ll assume they’d do a typical 20-22 song set. OK, 22 it is. Not including their Christmas album, because that would be just too, too hard. And these aren’t really in any particular order, because it’s easier for me to go through each album and pick some songs. 🙂
1. Pop
2. Gone
3. Girlfriend
4. See Right Through You
5. The Game Is Over
6. Tell Me, Tell Me Baby
7. I Want You Back
8. Crazy For You
9. God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You
10. Here We Go
11. You Got It
12. I Drive Myself Crazy
13. Tearin’ Up My Heart
14. Space Cowboy
15. Just Got Paid
16. It Makes Me Ill
17. No Strings Attached
18. Digital Getdown
19. This I Promise You
20. I Thought She Knew
21. It’s Gonna Be Me
22. Bye Bye Bye

20. Favorite friendship in *NSync?

I would have to say Justin and Chris. The oldest and the youngest, and easily the two biggest goofs. 😉

21. Favorite relationship an *NSyncer has or had?

Um, helloooo… Justin and Britney 4 EVA! Haha, but seriously, I miss them together. And their matching denim outfits.

22. Favorite solo/side project?

Obviously Justin’s. Duh.

23. Favorite quote(s)?

Honestly can’t think of one at the moment, so I’ll just go with their overuse of the word “crunk” back in the day, haha.

24. Is it *NSYNC or ‘N Sync? How do you write it?

I personally write it *NSync or *N Sync… as long as the asterisk is there, we good. Haha.

25. Have you met any of them?

I met Joey Fatone in 2010! I was driving in my car one day and heard on the radio he was going to be in town for a few weeks performing in The Producers. Naturally, I called up my dad (who I have a bond with over *NSync… he’s the one who took me to most of the shows and whatnot, and I think he really got a kick out of my obsession with them) and we went down to see the show. We walk in and I see their souvenir stand, and they were selling head shots of Joey for $10 with a sign next to it that said we can get them signed after the show. Seriously?! $10?!?!?!?! So of course we stayed afterwards, and he came out and was so humble I think he may have gotten a little annoyed by how giddy I was. My dad was having some trouble figuring out the camera on my phone (lol, aw) so Joey had to help him out (Joey Fatone touched my phone, people… touched it) and even though the picture came out super blurry, it’s clear as day in my mind and I have his autograph, lol! 🙂 Plus, it was really special I got to meet him with my Dad!

26. Favorite interview?

As much as I said I’d like to keep most of this “old school,” I have to go with Chris’ recent interview on a radio station, post-VMA performance. He’s still so funny… talking about how he wasn’t expecting there to be dancing involved in their performance, etc… so cute, lol.

27. Funniest *NSync moment?

I’m going to go with JC’s dancing… in general. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great dancer. But sometimes when he performs (in their live shows, specifically) he tends to get really, really into it, and therefore over-emphasizes a lot of the moves, leading it to be somewhat humorous. 😉 Gotta love it!

28. Besides a reunion, what do you think each *NSyncer should be doing?

There is no “besides a reunion”… make it happen, dammit!

29. Share any favorite animated gif, picture, or anything random related to *NSync.

Well that is entirely way too broad… so here is one from this year’s VMA’s, and the guys proving they still got it. 😉

30. What you love and miss most about them.

I miss everything. Their fun songs, their originality (as a boy band, at least, I think they were always a bit different and ahead of the game), their concerts, their harmonies, and probably a bit of my youth, lol. There will never be anyone like them, for me at least. 🙂


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So I’ve been a fan of *N Sync (and when I say ‘fan’ I mean crazy, obsessed, get out my fuckin’ way when it comes to *N Sync type of fan) since I was 13 years old. And in all honesty, my love for them is still pretty intense despite them breaking up about 10 years ago. But earlier this week it was announced they’d be reuniting at the MTV Video Music Awards, and I’ve been on the brink of pissing my pants all week. Now the show starts in 1 hour, and I’m excited beyond words. My boys… even though it’s more than likely going to be at least 10 more years before they’re seen together again (if ever again), I CAN. NOT. WAIT! Eeeeeeek! 🙂 In order for this to be perfect, Justin needs to curl and frost his hair, Chris needs his braces and dreads back, they need to wear reflective, patterned, denim, and leather outfits, and they better be hanging from marionette strings. I mean, go hard or go home, right?

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June 1st- Self-Portrait and Favorite Song

Such a hot mess, but I like this picture despite the fact that my dark black eye make-up is smeared everywhere, I still have blotches of heavy bronzer all over my face, and even remnants of chalky, pastel, cotton candy pink lipstick on my lips. I took this picture last October after a Halloween party. I dressed up as Snooki, if you can’t tell by the make-up leftovers. In my defense, I was still pretty drunk when I took this, which also explains the glazed, lazy eyes and poor focus. It’s a silly picture, and I’m silly, so it fits, lol. 😉

Favorite Song of the Moment:

I have too many favorite songs to chose just one, so I decided to go with a song that I’m loving at the moment. I love “Birthday Cake” by Rihanna ft. Chris Brown. It’s super catchy, sexy, has a good beat, and makes me want to dance every time it comes on the radio. And, while I think what Chris Brown did to her several years ago is disgusting and pathetic, I don’t get the uproar about them collaborating together. I mean, I get it, but when it comes to the music I think people should get over it. If she was comfortable with it, then it’s her choice. They both make great music, and I like the version with him in it better than the original. I still listen to his music, too. He’s good, can’t help it. He may be an asshole, but he is a talented asshole. I don’t think I’ll stop listening to Look At Me Now on repeat until I have the lyrics down, lol. I have Chris Brown’s part, and part of Lil’ Wayne’s, but Busta Rhymes still gets my tongue tangled. One day I will master this!

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Snooki’s Got a Lil’ Meatball in the Oven!

There may be a U.S. presidential election going on, but everyone seems to be talking about Snooki’s (from MTV’s Jersey Shore, if you’re somehow unfamiliar) pregnancy! I will start out by admitting that I do watch Jersey Shore regularly… like, every Thursday… every week. I can’t help it- it’s pure entertainment for me, and Snooki is my girl. Do I act like her? No. Do I want to be like her? No. Do I think she’s this wonderfully inspiring, brilliant, talented person? No, although in her defense she is most likely much different in real life than she is portrayed on the show. We should all know by now that “reality” television is anything but real. Anyway, I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents on the whole thing that has gotten so many people’s panties in a twist.

I know that she is known for being quite the party girl. That’s pretty much the premise of the show. She’s been filmed doing some not so glamorous things while drinking, and was even arrested for being drunk in public in the middle of the day. However, I don’t think it’s fair that people are placing so much judgement on her and the type of mother they think she’s going to be. Even the most level-headed people can end up being terrible parents, the same way pregnancy and parenthood can change someone’s whole outlook on life for the better. She seems to be happy and excited about it, as does her fiance, so good for them! I’m a tad bit upset just because I don’t see her returning to the show with a child, at least I’d hope not, and without her it just won’t be as good. 😦 Haha. But seriously, I’m happy for Snooki and unless she ends up proving otherwise, I think she’ll be a fine mother and will have the cutest little tan gorilla juice-head meatball baby ever! 😉

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R.I.P Whitney Houston

As pretty much everyone knows by now, legendary singer, Whitney Houston, passed away last Saturday, February 11th, 2012. Even though she’s been known for her erratic behavior and drug abuse problems for the last several years, I have to say I was totally shocked to learn of her death. I wouldn’t say I was a huge fan of hers, I mean I’ve owned only one of her albums, but I, like many others, was in fact a fan of her music and grew up listening to her. I bet if I sat down to make a list of my top 10 favorite songs to sing in the shower or alone in the car, at least half of them would be Whitney Houston songs. 😉 It’s always sad when someone dies for any reason, especially when it’s someone with so much talent and so much to live for. I seriously thought she was getting her life together. I know there were photos of her looking kind of sloppy a week or so ago, but in general she seemed to be looking much healthier and overall better than she had in years, and her career appeared to be getting a boost- she had just recently wrapped filming on a new movie, Sparkle, and even had a performance at a pre-Grammy party the very night of the day she died. I know that there is still no official cause of death, but unfortunately I have little doubt in my mind that it wasn’t drug related. I know they found several prescription medications in the hotel room in which she was staying. Even if they were prescribed and legal, drugs can kill.

The only good thing I can see in all of these drug-related celebrity deaths is that maybe, hopefully some people take them as a wake up call and fix their lives. That they realize that drugs are nothing to mess with, and life can be ended at any given moment. In Whitney’s case, she was last seem about a half hour to an hour before she was found dead as she went in to take a bath. You just never know. Now we don’t know for sure that drugs were the cause, we don’t know if she overdosed, if it were a fatal drug combination, or if mixing alcohol with the drugs pushed her body over the edge. Even if she took her medications properly that day, her past battles with drug abuse could very well have left her body broken. Drugs can be dangerous, prescription or otherwise. Thank you, Whitney, for blessing us with your amazing voice and several hit songs that will undoubtedly live on forever. My heart goes out to her family, friends, and fans- especially her daughter, and may she rest in peace. I’m going to leave you with videos of some of my favorite Whitney Houston songs.

I Have Nothing

I Wanna Dance With Somebody

How Will I Know

When You Believe ft. Mariah Carey

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R.I.P Joe Paterno

It’s been a sad, sad week for Penn State and college football fans. Former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno has passed away at age 85 due to complications caused by lung cancer. Although, if you didn’t know that by now, you’re probably living in a box. 🙂 I wanted to touch on this subject because I grew up in an extreme Penn State family. Just about everyone on my father’s side of my family went to Penn State- my grandfather, father, uncles, brothers, and all of my cousins but one (and myself). My family lives about 1/2 hour from State College, PA, so I am somewhat familiar with the atmosphere there even though I never attended myself. I know a lot of, if not most, people think of the Sandusky scandal when they hear Paterno’s name, which to me is unfortunate. I’m not really going to get into that because quite frankly I am sick and tired of hearing about it. All I’m going to say is that I agree from a moral standpoint he could’ve and probably should’ve done more than he did to address the situation, but at the same time there are FAR more people that have done FAR more wrong that are going under the radar and still have their jobs, so to dumb down the dedication this man put into creating his amazing legacy over a poor lapse in judgement is unfair beyond belief. He was given information, and took it to his superiors AND campus police, who are the ones who should’ve contacted appropriate law enforcement after investigating the issue. You cannot go to the police on hearsay, and that is all he had, so he did what he felt was right. Everyone is so quick to place blame on other people involved, when the fact of the matter is that ONE man raped and molested several children, and he needs to rot in prison for the rest of his life. That’s where the focus needs to be placed now.

OK, enough about that whole debacle. It sickens me that a lot of media outlets are focusing on his involvement in the Sandusky scandal now that he has passed away. He shouldn’t be remembered for this, but for all of the good he has done for the university during his 61 years (holy shit!) of coaching there. He was one of few college coaches known for caring about his players’ academics just as much as, if not more than, their playing. The rate of Penn State football player graduates is one of the highest in the country, and Joe Paterno has a lot to do with that. Penn State even has a library named after him. It’s funny that their football stadium is named after a former university president, and their library is named after a football coach.

Anyway, that’s all I really wanted to get off my chest. Lord knows about 75% of my Facebook friends have been going off about it all week, both positive and negative comments alike. May JoePa rest in peace, and his family and friends remain in my thoughts and prayers. His legacy is not one to be forgotten, or tarnished for that matter.

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