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Dial Acne Control Face and Body Wash Review

When it comes to my skin, I can be somewhat picky as far as what products I put on it. However, I’m also always willing to try out new brands and products, which is why I was excited for the opportunity to try out Dial’s Acne Control face and body wash.

At the moment I have the definition of combination skin. Halfway through the day I am plagued with oily, shiny skin, but I also have prominent dry patches on my forehead and down the bridge of my nose. I have always struggled with finding a skin care solution that takes care of both the dryness and the oil, as most products are geared toward one condition and one condition only. This is no good, as products for oily skin tend to dry out my already dry areas, and products for dry skin over saturate my already oily areas. I was pleased to learn that Dial’s products were oil-free. I’ve found that products containing oil do nothing for my skin but clog my pores. Even though I can be somewhat dry, oil-based cleansers still clog my pores and cause me to breakout. I was met with mixed thoughts over the fact that the products contained salicylic acid. As a teenager, when my skin was predominately oily and more prone to acne breakouts, I used a lot of salicylic acid products to clear up my skin. It always worked for me because it dried out my problem areas, but I was worried that it would make my dry spots extra dry and scaly.

I was pleased to find that this cleanser was gentle enough to not further dry out my skin, yet effective enough to help clear up the little breakouts I get here and there. One of the first things I noticed was the fragrance. It was a clean, light, pleasant smell. This was definitely a plus for the body wash, but made me concerned about the face wash. My face is more on the sensitive side, and in the past I’ve become irritated by heavily-perfumed face washes. Luckily this was not the case with Dial Acne Control face wash.

As far as the acne control aspect, even though I would classify it as a gentle cleanser, it definitely helped clear up the small breakouts I regularly get within a couple of days. I can’t say with confidence that it did too much to prevent pimples and zits from occurring, but it certainly nipped them in the butt after they started to appear.

When I used acne treatments in the past, they were solely for acne-prone periods. I would use them during the onset of breakouts and during, until they were cleared up. Once I felt my skin was clear I would switch back to my regular skin regimen. This was because of how drying those products were. Dial Acne Control, however, I wouldn’t think twice about using twice a day. I can’t stress enough how gentle this cleanser was, and in a good way. And the scent is a major plus, as most face washes I use are unscented due to the fact that the fragrances used tend to irritate my skin.

As far as repurchasing this product, I don’t know that I’ll necessarily grab this one each time I’m in need for a new face wash, but it will definitely be in the circle of products I rotate. It definitely reacts well on my skin and for the price there’s no denying it’s a great deal. As far as the body wash, I really enjoyed using it, but I don’t have a lot of issues with body acne, and therefore I don’t personally see the need for an acne control body wash.

Note: I am a member of BzzAgent and was able to try this product for free in return for my honest opinion.


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Tone Petal Soft Body Wash Review

I was very pleased with Tone Petal Soft body wash for several reasons. First of all, I love how moisturizing it is. Many different brands, both high end and drugstore, claim to have moisturizing properties but that is not always the case. Harsh cleansers, chemicals, and sulfates that are often added to soaps and shower gels to get our skin “extra clean” end up doing more harm than good. These ingredients strip the skin of the natural, healthy oils thus causing dry, scaly skin and overpowering the hydrating ingredients. This wasn’t the case for me with Tone. Although I’ve been applying extra lotion and moisturizers to make up for the drying effects this cold, long winter has had on my skin, I don’t want my body wash to strip all of that away. The Tone Petal Soft body wash was gentle and moisturizing enough to maintain the hydration of my skin while still leaving it squeaky clean. The fact that it contains Vitamin E is just an added bonus!

Another perk for me was the floral scent. I’m usually not one to choose flowers over fruity scents such as berry or citrus, however, the Pink Peony and Rose Oil created the perfect balance of clean, fresh, and sweet. It wasn’t overpowering at all, but strong enough that it still lingered a bit after I had dried off and gotten dressed. The scent, to me, was kind of reminiscent of the original Herbal Essence shampoo line and I absolutely loved it when I was younger. Although floral scents tend to appeal to females more than males, my boyfriend used this body wash several times and had no problem with the smell. He even commented that it made him feel cleaner than the cologne-scented body wash he normally uses.

The price of Tone products is right on point, too! I’m usually willing to spend a little more money on products that keep my skin looking and feeling clean, fresh, and moisturized but it is relieving to know that I don’t have to if I purchase Tone body wash. Like I stated before, I’ve used high and low end brands, and even some expensive, higher end washes I’ve tried didn’t compare to the hydration that Tone gave me. I will definitely continue to purchase this product, and I’m looking forward to trying out their other scents and products!

Note: I am a member of BzzAgent and was able to try this product for free in return for my honest opinion.

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June 11th- Something Blue & A Recent Photo of You

My water bottle! I bought it a few weeks ago, along with a pink one. I’m determined to lose weight and get healthy, and one of the main things I know I have been doing terribly is drinking enough water each day. You’re supposed to drink 8 cups (64 oz.) everyday, and I’m sure there have been several days that I’ve gone through drinking barely even 1 cup, and that’s bad. I know that drinking more water alone isn’t going to help me lose weight and get in shape, that would be silly, but it’s a start to a healthier lifestyle. I fill both bottles up every day. The pink one I try to have finished by 4pm, and the blue one I try to finish before bed. Each bottle is 28 oz. so I have to try and remember to drink an extra cup per day, but even if I forget that’s still 7/8 cups of recommended water that I’m getting. It’s surprisingly not as much as it seems, and a hell of a lot more convenient than measuring out each cup and trying to keep track of how much you’re drinking throughout the day. I even drew lines with time goals on the bottles (like, finish this much by noon, this much by 2pm, this much by 4pm, etc…), so I have a little extra push. If you’re drinking a cup of water every 2 hours, it seems like nothing! Drinking plenty of water is also good for your skin, too! 🙂

A Recent Photo of You:

OK, I am cheating. I already used this picture for one of the days last month, but this is seriously the most recent picture of myself I, or anyone, has taken. Well, at least the most recent picture that was taken that wasn’t subsequently deleted. I hate pictures of myself. I especially hate when other people take pictures of me. When I’m taking it, I can at least position myself and pose myself in a less-undesireable way. I’m so self-conscious of the way I look to begin with, and I always seem to look 50 lbs. heavier in pictures. I really hope I can stick to this new diet and exercise plan, because I can’t stand looking like this anymore. And being healthy wouldn’t hurt, either!

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10 Current Favorite Beauty Products

In case you didn’t know, I am a HUGE beauty addict. I was bored this evening so I decided to make a list of 10 of my current favorite products. The list doesn’t include cosmetics because there is NO way I’d be able to narrow it down, haha. 🙂 I’m not going to write full reviews on each product but feel free to ask me anything you’d like to know and I will do my best to give you a decent answer! Oh, and these are in no particular order, and aren’t necessarily what I stick to everyday!

I always have one of these little guys with me. It is seriously one of the best lip balms I have ever tried, plus it comes in neat form. People are always asking what that “egg” is in my purse! 😛 My favorite flavors are Summer Fruit, Passion Fruit, and Strawberry Sorbet.

2 words: LIFE SAVER. Seriously, I have relied on this product more than anything in my life, haha. If you’re not familiar with dry shampoos, it’s definitely time to get on the ball and try some out! They’re perfect if you’re running late and don’t have time to wash your hair, as well as keeping your hair looking fresh in between washes (since washing your hair daily isn’t good for it). There’s a lot of dry shampoos on the market nowadays, and after trying several this one is one of my favorites.

The best top coat I have ever used! It lives up to it’s name and dries to the touch within a minute. I also love the thick consistency of it; it literally feels like I’m sealing my nails with a top coat, rather than adding another layer of clear nail polish. My only complaint is that because it’s a bit thicker than most, it’s not very easy to get the last few bits out of the bottle when you’re running low.

This is my current favorite hair spray for good hold and volume. Some people find it a little too strong, but if you work with it right, it’s amazing. I always grab for this when I want big hair, or am doing any kind of teasing!

This is the perfect daily face wash. It won’t necessarily clear up any problems, but it’s perfect for maintaining glowing skin. It’s light, fresh, and gentle. And it also has an amazing fragrance, which most face washes lack!

OK, TIGI actually makes one that I prefer, but since I’ve been broke lately this one is a great alternative! This spray gives your hair that messy, beachy, wavey look, which I love! It contains actual sea salt, too, which is surprisingly good for your hair, and smells reminiscent of a beach vacation!

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE! This makes my skin feel like silk after every use. There are a lot of competitors out there, that are much, much less expensive, but I still prefer this one. It will leave a bit of a hole in your pocket, but it’s worth saving up for, in my opinion. You can use whatever skin cleanser, buffer, or polisher you prefer. I don’t know that I’d use an exfoliator with it, since the brush exfoliates while cleaning, but it’s something to look into if your in need of some major exfoliation!

I’m usually not a fan of self-tanners. They streak, look fake, and smell awful, but this is one exception I’ve grown to love. I don’t use it daily, but if I’m ever in need of a healthy, tan glow I start using this about a week ahead of time and it’s magic. It comes in Fair to Light and Light to Medium, and it’s citrus-y scent really does help over power the nasty “tanning smell.”

It truly is a miracle worker! I have super thin, fine hair that can get greasy within hours of washing it, so I don’t use conditioner on a regular basis, but I still have a lot of dryness and damage from lightening my hair, so this is where this product comes in. I just spray a few spritzes on my ends, comb through, and I’m set! It’s pretty heavy for a leave-in conditioner, but it works wonders on a number of damaged hair problems.

I know it’s kind of cliche, but good old-fashioned water is one of the best beauty remedies out there! Keeping yourself hydrated helps make your skin clear and glowing, your hair shining, and overall keeps your body healthy! 🙂

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